Imagine arriving home and at the touch of a button on your smart phone, the lights dim, motorized blinds close and your favorite movie starts to play.

WOW…. That’s State of the art luxury at your fingertips.

There are few home electronic advancements quite as impressive as the wide range of home automation systems that Beach Cities PC & CCTV can install into your home. Imagine your home knowing when to turn the heater or A/C on or off, when to turn the lights on and off, and even when to water the garden!

Until recently, such technology was available only to the wealthiest home owners and as a topic of science fiction. Today, home automation technology is within your reach and promises to make your home life more comfortable than ever. Beach Cities PC & CCTV is a certified HAI / Leviton Home automation partner and offers a variety of affordable and cost effective intelligent home automation solutions that provide you and your family unsurpassed comfort and luxury right in your own home.

With such luxury you won’t want to leave the house!

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What is Home Automation?

To put it simply, Home Automation is the integration of electrical devices in a home working with each other. Devices can be connected through your computer or hand held device (iPad/iPhone) to allow for control of your lighting, air conditioning, heating, appliances, security locks and doors improving security, energy consumption, comfort and convenience.

Home Automation can assist the disabled or elderly by providing increased quality of life for people who might otherwise require assisted living arrangements.


Imagine being able to reduce your light bill by up to 50% ……. on a recurring monthly bases for as long as you own your business.

Now you can! With the help of Beach Cities PC & CCTV small business energy management and automation systems.

Beach Cities PC & CCTV automation and energy management control systems will help reduce your electrical waste by up to 50% or more, helping lower your monthly electrical consumption.


Business owners of all sizes are looking for ways to save money and impact their bottom lines to increase profits. There are very few technologies that a business owner can invest in that will pay back within a few months and help them increase profits as investing in a business automation and energy management control system.

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